BizzBeats Youth Fund

[The Kids Are Alright]

We are determined to make a real difference to as many people as possible and not just through the charity monies raised during events. We believe that an adapted BizzBeats concept will be hugely beneficial for the younger pre-professional generation.

A BizzBeats day will not only stimulate young people to broader creative expression but inspire them to open their hearts and minds. Additionally, it will provide youth groups with the opportunity to develop business skills like marketing, sales, communication and working in an effective and collaborative team.

To this end Bizzbeats co-funds events for the next generation. For every business booking 20% of the profit will go towards funding a BizzBeats Event in a School, Youth Group or College, enabling them to have the same awesome empowering experience.

As a business, you can opt to contribute to this fund. If you wish to connect with a local school or any other kind of youth group as part of your social responsibility programme then contact us and we'll help work it out.