"We believe no child should be part of war. Ever. Children have the right to grow up in peace, free from fear and violence. To develop their full potential and become the person they want to be. Together we can change the future."

This is Warchild's Mission Statement. Warchild's activities across the world are critical. Although the situations are dramatically different, in some ways the approaches from Warchild and BizzBeats are similar. We help people discover talents, raise self esteem or self awareness by guiding them through activities to achieve the initially perceived unachievable. Making music is a common denominator.

With this in mind we had the pleasure to host the Dutch Warchild MT for a day at BizzBeats. We invited them to give the team a flavor of what an impact a BizzBeats day makes ... What it looks like, jamming with the HubTower, how it feels to operate like a band. Explore new skills, Create sounds, lyrics and a song, Discover hidden talents in the team. With limited to no musical experience this team took the challenge to write and record a song in a day ... from scratch!

BizzBeats' music coaches Jaimie and Victor guided the team during this intensive journey. From the warming up, to getting familiar with the HubTower and sounds, to writing the lyrics, the song and recording it. You can only imagine the passion for Warchild and the emotions when it was time to write the lyrics - multiple goose bump moments right there.

"It was a very enjoyable day, we had fun! Would have loved to spend days more to play and try all these amazing instruments and possibilities you have in the studio"

Birmingham City University


"Our mission is to make a real difference to the children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, their families and the staff who treat them by providing additional facilities, equipment and research and by creating a caring environment for all who use the hospital."

This was the foundation for the Birmingham City University BizzBeats challenge, where 30 business school students embarked on the huge task of writing, recording 3 original songs and raising funds for the local Children's Hospital. Led by Mike Ponting Head of UK operations from BizzBeats and five talented BizzBeats music and business coaches the student team really stepped up to the challenge.

In addition to the challenge, we awarded several prizes for exceptional contributions to the day- a very happy Jaspreet Singh went home with a new mini iPad- for his musical talent, enthusiasm and contribution to the success of the event. You can see his reaction on our Facebook page

So far the team have raised over five hundred pounds through their efforts- and the fundraising doesn't stop on the day, you can still make a donation here

"It really engages people on so many levels, emotionally and practically- it's s real pleasure to work with the BizzBeats team, I whole heartedly recommend them.” - Vanessa Clarke Director of Leadership from the Business School